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We are expanding our cosmetic line, all our products are approved for cosmetic use in the EU CPNP. We sell We only sell to physical stores in EU. We travel throughout the EU to meet you and your store in person. If you have recently received an email from us, it is because we would like to come by and see your store. If you wish, we will make a small video of your store to share here and on social media. Good advertising

Sativa L Hemp

Kristian Maersk

Have 9 years of experience in the cannabis industry. Operated hemp company and factories in Denmark, Poland and Spain. We have delivered good organic products to the entire EU and outside the EU. Delivered mainly to private individuals, now we are working to get our products into health shops etc. Here we want to cooperate with organic shops of every kind, as well as alternative treatment companies.


We use organic, ECO, BIO raw materials in all our products. We never use products that contain pesticides or other poisons. We strive to get as many of our raw materials from local ECO farmers as possible.


All our products will be registered in the EU before being put up for sale on this website here. We have analyzes from all our suppliers of raw materials with Sativa L Hemp


We always quality test our raw material before we buy in bulk. We test all our products ourselves and if we think it is a good quality product, we give it a chance on the market.

CBD and Sativa L Hemp products are not medicines and cannot diagnose, treat or cure diseases. Always consult your doctor, all our products are sold as cosmetic products or collectibles.


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